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Get It Here. Probably the most humane and hygienic way to kill mice and other small rodents. To operate you open the lid and lay the bait at one end of the trap. A mouse is forced to enter all the way into the trap to get to the bait. Once it's inside a high voltage electric shock kills the mouse in moments. 2. Use Traps and Bait Systems. Next, it is time to start getting rid of the rats that are already there. This can be done through a mixture of traps and bait stations. To effectively trap rats, use EcoClear's RatX® Power Trap. Ideally, bait stations and traps work best when used together. Initial Cleanup Process. The initial cleanup process, on hard surfaces, that forms the foundation for eliminating mouse droppings odor, is to begin by filling a spray bottle with the bleach and water mixture. You then spray the mouse droppings area until it is saturated with the solution. The solution is left on the area for about 20 minutes.
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